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Candidates are pushed forward and supported.

From the moment our team members are staffed, we support them and our clients through various programs designed to provide ongoing learning and growth. 


  • Onboarding: Every team member goes through a thorough onboarding process on how we work at 

  • Training & Certification: We help arrange trainings for any needed software as well as coordinate certification for Adobe developers.  

  • Share & Learn Program: We know that each project comes with its challenges and issues. In order to be successful, we need to learn from our previous experiences. We host team debriefs, share best practices, and ensure our teams are constantly striving to improve. 

  • English Language Immersion courses: Most of our developers are strong-English speakers, however, we continue to offer additional English language and communication training to our developers to ensure smooth communication between our teams and our clients. 

  • Agile refreshers: Our developers are trained in the agile methodology. We are always looking to improve and hold refresher training on best practices, documentation, and communication.  

  • Client communication & soft skills training: As most of us know, technology folks are not always the best communicators. We work with our developers to ensure they have the skills they need to communicate effectively and efficiently. 


The quality of our work is something we take pride in. In this line of work, precision is key to a successful launch. We want our developers to have a strong accountability for every thing they produce. Some of the ways we regulate ourselves: 

  • Consistent Team Check-ins with Leadership Team: we keep our finger on the pulse of our people. We want to know how things are going and where we can assist! 

  • Peer Code Reviews: Scheduled and ad hoc reviews of code are standard procedure for our teams. We hold ourselves to high standards. 

  • Weekly Reporting: both with our clients and with our team. Our people’s happiness is just as important as our clients. Checks and balances are in place so we know how everything is progressing.  

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